Nelson golfer Pradeep Kumar hit two holes in one in five days last week. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Nelson golfer hits two holes in one in five days


The odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one are 12,500 to one, but Nelson’s Pradeep Kumar made a mockery of that stat earlier this month, hitting two in five days.

Playing off a 14 handicap, Pradeep hit his duel aces on the third and sixth holes at Nelson Golf Club.

The first one was during a match play on Saturday, May 5.

At the par three sixth, Nelson’s ‘signature hole,’ Pradeep teed off with his five-wood.

“I knew it was a good shot, I thought it had gone pretty close.”

He says the ball then ‘just dropped’ as everyone watched on in amazement.

“I had a bit of a fist pump,” Pradeep says.

Pradeep went on to lose the match play, as he was too busy thinking about the celebrations that were going to come that night. “Your golf goes to s*** after that, you just go on a bit of a high.”

Then, four days later, Pradeep repeated the feat.

The self-employed electrician says he finds it hard to get time off work. So he tries to sneak away on Wednesday mornings for a quick game.

“The mates I usually play with on a Wednesday missed out on my hole in one and the drinking session, so I thought I would come and shout them a few drinks.”

He says he got the expected ‘show us how it’s done’ ribbing during the first two holes.
At the third, using his favourite rescue wood, he did just that as Pradeep hit the “perfect shot” on the 138m par three.

“When it left the club, it did really feel good, it dropped on the green, a couple of bounces and it went in.”

He says the reaction from his mates was priceless.

“They couldn’t believe it, I have got bragging rights for life now, unless one of them can hit three in four days.”

Pradeep has now hit four holes in one in his 25-year career.

“I’ve hit three here and one at Greenacres.”

He will receive two trophies in recognition of his historic strokes.

“There will be four sitting on the mantle now, which will be nice.”

Pradeep says most golfers play for years and never hit a hole in one.

“It doesn’t matter what people say, it’s more luck than skill, there are guys here on two and three handicaps who have never come close, but I’ll take it.”

Local golf pro Sean Riordan says Pradeep’s performance was pretty special.

“I’ve hit a couple myself, but they were about 12 years apart, so to hit two in five days, it’s an amazing effort.”