Kate Donaldson and her dog Cola at East St Café, which allows dogs into its premises. Photo: Andrew Board.

Businesses welcome dogs into city


No longer is a dog’s place tied up outside on the street.

From hardware stores and cafes to restaurants and furniture outlets, more Nelson businesses are welcoming canines into their premises to cater to an increasing trend of dog ownership in the city. There are currently more than 16,000 registered dogs across the region – almost one dog to every five people living here.

Becky Wyatt, manager at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, says she has a few regular customers with dogs.

“It encourages people walking their dogs to come in a shop. It also creates a welcoming and friendly environment – other customers love it, we’ve had great feedback.”

Expressions Florist owner Rosie Seek says she believes it is a very positive move for business owners.

“As an animal lover I find that I instantly have something in common with the business owner.”

She says that owning her own business means she can combine the love of her industry with the love of her dog Taco.

“Taco has more friends than anyone I know. I think because floristry is such an emotive industry sometimes if people come in a bit upset or grieved he can be a nice distraction or a calming influence.”

New owner of Global Soaps Jody MacLeod says she wouldn’t dream of leaving her only child, Daphne the French Bulldog, at home.

“At the moment she mainly hangs out in the office because she’s only 15 months old, at this point in time I think she’d eat all the soaps within her reach.”

This week Kate Donaldson and her dog Cola frequented East St Cafe, showing how much more accepted it was.

Last week, Wellington and Auckland Councils made headlines around the country for allowing dogs on their public transport system.

Nelson City Council says it will await the trials currently being undertaken in these cities before decides whether to follow suit.

For a list of dog-friendly Nelson stores visit the Nelson App.