Brian McIntyre has recently started up a Facebook group to share local history. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Bring local history back to life


Brian McIntyre has been amazed at the power of history and technology to connect people. He has helped set up a Facebook page dedicated to sharing photographs of early history throughout the region.

“There is some bloody old stuff in there,” he says.

From Collingwood to Wakefield, Foxhill to Nelson – it can all be found at the page called “Top of the South Island, New Zealand History”.

Already it has had 2000 people sign up to it.

“It’s getting really successful, people have so many of these photos but nowhere to share them.”

He recently posted a story about a 93-year-old woman with dementia whose son showed her a collection of photos from the page and he was amazed at how much she remembered. There has also been people comment on posts and finding out they were actually related.

“It’s just the power of social media,” he says.