Volunteers Doug Adam, Maggi John and Susan Johnson get ready for the Founders Book Fair this weekend. Photo: Kate Russell.

Books, books and more books


From science, to romance, to history – there will be something for everyone among the 80 categories at the Founders Book Fair this weekend.

More than 12,000 book lovers of all ages are expected to descend on Founders Heritage Park for the nine-day event, which kicks off this Saturday at 10am.

The event started back in 1988 and is now a Queen’s Birthday weekend tradition for many Nelsonians. As well as books, there will be magazines, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, puzzles and games for sale.

Book Fair coordinator Karen Clark says this year they are up on paper-back novels, history, art and children’s books.

“The children’s section is chock-a-block, we are up 40-50 boxes and it’s all great quality,” she says.

She adds that they’ve had some interesting finds while sorting through the crates, too.
“We have eight Star Wars periodical fact files from the 1980s, which will be popular, and also the privately printed memoirs of Casanova.”

This year, people are being asked to bring their own bags to the book fair, to reduce plastic.

Karen says that they are expecting a busy opening weekend, and the fair wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of around 100 volunteers.