Amanda Billing, Tama Jarman and Ariaana Osborne will be performing Dust Pilgrim at the Theatre Royal this week. Photo: Supplied.

A tale of freedom


The award-winning Red Leap Theatre is bringing ‘Dust Pilgrim’ to Nelson this Friday as part of a South Island tour.

Starring Amada Billing, Tama Jarman and Ariaana Osborne, Dust Pilgrim is described as an ‘intimate coming of age tale of a young woman’s fight for freedom in a world where dreams and premonitions are as real as the wind’.

The story follows Panuelo – who is trapped in a life built on dust and shifting sands, held in the tight fist of her tyrannical mother.

After stumbling across the restless bones of a secret long buried, she makes a daring bid for freedom and runs out into the vast desert.

Along the way she discovers vivid new landscapes full of tricksters and angels, boundaries and borders, all told in Red Leap’s trademark physical and visceral style.

Director Julie Nolan says the tale is inspired by “looking at modern day oppression for women, individually, locally and globally, by women being bound by old, deep and outdated systems and the cyclical nature of abuse between men and women, but also between women themselves.”

Dust Pilgrim, Theatre Royal, Friday 11 May at 7:30pm. Tickets from