Haulashore Island’s jetty has been closed since late 2016. Photo: File.

Boaties want Haulashore jetty repaired


Should it stay or should it go?

Almost 60 per cent on Nelsonians want Haulashore Island’s broken jetty repaired with a floating dock, according to an online survey.

The jetty has been closed since late 2016 when an inspection following the Kaikoura earthquake revealed elements of the wharf, including the piles, had deteriorated.

Nelson City Council has been in the process of arranging its removal as the most cost effective option to ensure people’s safety. However, Council has now received feedback from the public asking for this to be reconsidered.

According to a survey, administered by the Nelson Boating Community Facebook page, most people want it repaired with a floating dock, about 40 per cent want it repaired and only 2 per cent of people want it removed.

Council is in the process of considering the viable options for the jetty and community feedback, either on its usability or its aesthetic value, will play a part in that process.

Council requests any feedback by Friday April 27. If you want to give feedback email [email protected] or take part in the survey visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9S76TVY