Nelson Community Patrol coordinator Brian Ramsay, left, hands a certificate of appreciation to Nelson City councillors Ian Barker, centre, and Mel Courtney. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Community patrol thanks council


For 25 years the Nelson Community Patrol has been out on the streets being the city’s eyes and ears and now it wants to acknowledge the help it has had from the Nelson City Council over all that time.

Coordinator Brian Ramsay says it has been a fantastic relationship and the organisation could not do what it does without the council.

“The only way we can operate is with the council on board.”

The patrol has 20 volunteers who are out every Friday and Saturday night monitoring the entire city – from Hira to Saxton Field – and communicating disturbances to the police.

“The reason people don’t know we exist is because we work under the cover of darkness,” says Brian.

Councillor Ian Barker says the patrol’s work fits in well with the city’s investment in a CCTV network, which the patrol often monitors from the Nelson Police station.

However, the patrol has no financial help from the police and operates purely on volunteers and donations. Nelson City Council gave the patrol $5000 this past year.

Councillor Mel Courtney says what he values is that the patrol is about “people supporting people”.

“It’s what makes Nelson that special place and gives us an edge. It also supports those police men and women on the front line.”

However, Brian says there is always a wish list and now they are on the lookout for, amongst other things, a new vehicle, equipment and uniform.

“But most of all we need new volunteers.”

If you want to learn more about the patrol call 0276669280 or email [email protected]