Life Linc team Alice Robin, Tracy Wray, Jean Le Masurier, Georgina Pattullo and Harriet Denham. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Offering a helping hand through counselling


A new counselling service is hoping that the healing power of groups will help frustrated parents and those feeling like life isn’t going as planned.

The group counselling sessions are facilitated by professional Life Linc counsellors who say that groups are an affordable way and opportunity to identify and explore ways to move forward.

“They provide a safe and confidential place to explore thoughts and feelings, to deepen contact with oneself and others, to enable changes to be recognised and relationships to develop,” says Alice Robin.

One group is focused on helping parents who need assistance in figuring out how to help manage their children.

“It’s looking at parenting and what presses their buttons or makes them, and gives them tools to manage themselves better.”

The other group is for those who feel stuck in life.

Counsellor Georgina Pattullo says that a group is a powerful way to help create connections and growth. “It becomes a journey for people.”

Each group is managed to ensure those that take part are a good fit and are there for the right reasons.

Any reader who feels drawn to either six week session and would like to give it a go – call Harriet on 03 548 2400 or email [email protected], or visit