Cows seek refuge from the water in the Ludd Valley after the river broke its banks on Sunday. Photo: Sara Hollyman.

Heavy rain causes flooding (again)


Not even the cows were safe from Sunday’s downpour which caused stormwater systems to overflow and roads to flood.

The day saw about three times February’s usual rainfall arrive in one day.

The onslaught overwhelmed the city’s systems, including bursting water pipe on Tahunanui Drive which sent thousands of litres of water across the road.

A burst water pipe on Tahunanui Drive on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Hayden Rose.
A burst water pipe on Tahunanui Drive on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Hayden Rose.

The Manuka St ford was closed and surface flooding on Waimea Rd, Lightband Rd in Brightwater and on the northbound lane on Whakatu Drive, near Raewards, was reported.

Cows in the Ludd Valley were also stranded after the river burst its banks.

Nelson City Council also says until further notice the public should not to swim or have water contact at Waimea Estuary and the Haven, including Tahunanui Beach, after Sunday’s heavy rainfall.

The weather resulted in an overflow of untreated sewage and stormwater contaminants into Nelson Haven and Waimea Estuary.

“We also recommend not swimming in our rivers for 48 hours following rainfall, due to overland run-off,” a council statement said.

Council also reminded residents that due to the geography and proximity to urban areas, shellfish should not be taken from within the enclosed waters of the Waimea Inlet and the Nelson Haven at any time as they may exceed maximum microbiological guideline levels.

There were also slips on State Highway 60 at Spooners, and on the highway at Mapua, where three lanes were blocked.

A car crashed on Whakatu Drive just after 2pm, which was of several accidents in Nelson on Sunday including a car that crashed into with a parked car on St Vincent St in the city centre just after 4pm.

Heavy rain is forecast to return on Sunday.