WASP NEST: Shane Warland from Flybusters Anti Ants with a large German wasp nest he removed from a local property. Photo: Andrew Board.

Giant wasp nest pulled from local home


Nests containing up to 1000 wasps each are being found in Nelson homes, say two local pest controllers.

Shane Warland from Flybusters Anti Ants has responded to around 200 callouts this year so far for wasp problems alone.

“I went to one property in Richmond and removed 15 Asian wasp nests from the gutters and a German wasp nest from the retaining wall. Then I went next door and got 12 more nests from there.”

The giant German wasp nest is made of bark and wasp spit, says Shane, but feels light to hold.

He said he also responded to a Brook St home recently where a man simply walked down the steps, which was unknowingly home to a wasp nest, and was stung 6 times.

“They can be dangerous, especially when you come across them unexpectedly or if you are allergic.”

Graeme Richards of Fifeshire Pest Control says that we haven’t even hit the peak of the season yet and, while there has been a focus on wasp control in native bush around the region, it hasn’t slowed the number of wasps in urban areas.

According to Shane, New Zealand has one of the highest densities of common and German wasps in the world.

“It’s all the beech trees, they provide a good food source and with the weather patterns, the rain and the warmth, all bugs are booming,” he says.

“If you get an Asian wasp nest, they might have 50 wasps hanging around protecting the place and a can of fly spray may do the trick, but if you get a German nest, they can have 1000 in there and then you’re in trouble”.