DANGER: A puddle on Rocks Rd that has caused myriad accidents has now been coned off. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Blackspot claims another


The New Zealand Transport Association has finally coned off a blackspot on Rocks Rd, which has caused at least three serious cyclist accidents, but it did not come quick enough for one local family.

Two weeks ago, Melanie Chambers and her family were biking into town from Richmond. As they came around Rocks Rd, Melanie’s 14-year-old daughter became nervous about how close the cars were and did not want to go through a puddle. It has since been revealed that the puddle is home to slippery sludge and silt which has caused three serious accidents – resulting in broken bones and severe grazes.

Some of the victims feared that people could die if they slipped into oncoming traffic.

“As soon as she hit the puddle her mountain bike slipped out from underneath her and she went flying like superwoman,” Melanie says. “She suffered a huge graze along her elbow and arms, hips and legs were also grazed with large bruises.”

She says it was “a terrifying experience” for her and her family.

“It makes me extremely angry to now find out that this hazard has not been dealt with and several people have been hurt unnecessarily.”

The Nelson Weekly has reported on three other cyclists who have broken bones after riding through it. A police officer also slipped over after he went to help another cyclist who had fallen over in it.

“We had no idea that this had happened to anyone else and was so surprised to hear that this hazard had a history,” Melanie says.

NZTA did not respond to fresh questions, including whether it was happy with the way the blackspot and been dealt with and whether it wanted to apologize to any families affected.