Local skaters Caleb Jones, Dylan Hampton, and Aeran Tapnio (above) along with Matt Armitage (below) at Sunday’s Tasman Skatepark Tour finale. Photos: Brittany Spencer.

Skaters wrap up summer tour


After travelling around the region, skaters, scooters and BMX-ers had one last shot to show off their stuff in Sunday’s Tasman Skatepark Tour finale.


Surprising no one, skateboarding prodigy Alex Moreau took out the Junior Skate category for the third year in a row.

“It feels pretty good, I didn’t think I’d ever win three in a row.”

Alex’s arsenal of new tricks wowed the crowds throughout the tour and included 360 Supermans, blunts, and 5-0 grinds.

Event organiser and Sport Tasman recreation assistant Seth Watson says everyone should expect big things from the young skater.

“If he sticks to skating he could go pretty far, he’s got all the older guys encouraging him and has some awesome support from his parents.”

Seth says they had around 70 competitors carving up the park on Sunday.

“It was good finishing with the biggest event, we had the most skaters we’ve ever had at a comp and it’s scary how good they all were.”

Zane Anderson and Blake Davis were also standouts among the younger competitors, winning the junior bike and junior scooter categories respectively.

Dylan Hampton put the cherry on top of this year’s tour, winning not only the overall senior skate category but also the final competition of the tour at Neal Park.

Throwing kickflips, board slides, and 50-50s, the Waimea College student says he loves coming out to the tour events.

“It’s pretty sick when all the skaters come along and shred together and encourage each other, the older guys are crazy and seeing all the younger guys really getting into skating is sick, there’s a lot of talent here.”

Tom Bassett and Ryan Turner also entertained the crowd with their tricks, winning the senior bike and scooter.

Event MC Ben Short won the veteran skate section, Carl Thomas took home the veteran bike title and Tasman Skatepark Tour regular Ryan McHugh won the veteran scooter.