Squire’s owner Kim Hall has amassed more than 150 signatures for her petition against a plan to put a new pedestrian crossing on Main Rd Stoke. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Fighting against new Stoke crossing


Kim Hall is not giving in without a fight.

The owner of Squire’s Café in Stoke was told two months ago that a “pedestrian refuge crossing” would soon be built from the new Broadgreen Community Centre to the main Stoke car park in Strawbridge Square.

The idea is part of a “traffic calming” plan for Stoke.

However, it would also mean that Kim would lose three car parks outside her busy cafe which are often used for deliveries and families dropping off elderly customers.

So Kim has organised a petition to get her customers and other concerned locals to lend their voices to the opposition.

‘There have been so many people coming in and telling me to do a petition, so this is really a reaction to that,” she says.

It tells me that everyone thinks that this plan makes no sense.” She already has about 150 signatures.

People are writing evertything from that the plan is “dangerous” to “idiotic” and “unnecessary.”

“I’ve been really encouraged by the response,” Kim says.

The crossing project was linked to feedback received from the Stoke community during the ‘Spotlight On Stoke’ consultation three years ago.

However, Kim only took ownership of the Squire’s business 18 months ago.

The council says a number of public meetings and a survey were undertaken to the identify priorities for improving the Stoke area.

The refuge was included in answer to feedback asking for improvements for traffic and pedestrian access along and across main roads that divide Stoke – particularly the Songer Street and Main Road Stoke intersection.

The council says it is intended to make it safer and easier to get across the main road.

It will be installed next month to be ready for the opening of the Greenmeadows Community and Recreation Facility.

However, Kim says it will just lead to accidents as there are two other pedestrian crossings within 80 metres of each other.

“It’s unsafe. But I’m realistic, I know that it’s a long shot but I have to give it a go.

“You can only hope. It’s a last ditch try.”