Nelson's Tane Rameka with his new website 'Offer me a Shot'. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Website hopes to give you a shot at your dream


One Nelson man is on a mission to get you noticed.

Tane Rameka says he got his idea for a new website to help New Zealanders get discovered after talking to various people around the region.

“The feedback I got was that some people were doing jobs that they didn’t enjoy or didn’t make use of their skills. So I thought how could I make it easier for people to get discovered and to follow their passion.”

The answer, it seems, has been found.

Tane has launched a new website called “Offer me a Shot”. It encourages people to upload information about themselves, their passions and skills they have. Whether it’s a club rugby player looking for a new team, a singer looking to be discovered or a labourer wanting to let employers know they’re available for work.

Tane hopes the site will be used by “decision makers” and employers who are looking for talented people but often struggle to find them, and by people keen to share their talent with the world. “What I’ve come to realise is that everyone has something they’re either good at or something they’d like to be doing. Offer me a Shot is their chance to put those skills out there and, who knows, they might just be scouted from it.”

Tane says he has spoken to many who have settled in their career because they didn’t know how to get themselves out there.

“There’s a lot of talent out there that goes undiscovered. I spoke to a guy who had been in the same industry for 40 years before being made redundant. He thought that he had so much knowledge he could teach others coming up in the industry and would be happy with a five year contract to help teach.

“This site allows these people to put their skills out there for employers to snap up.”

Tane says the site is “really diverse” with singers, actors, sports people and any job industry able to use it.

“It’s like a job listing site in reverse,” he says.

“Upload a video or pictures of your skills and passion on the site and let prospective employers come to you.”

He says it can also work for bands putting their profile up which venues could then scout and book from.

Tane is giving away a free annual membership for anyone who wants to be a part of it.

“I’m trying to give people hope and confidence. It’s free and you have nothing to lose.”

Tane says he wants to grow the site locally first and then expand it throughout New Zealand, before taking it global.

He says the site is “win-win”.

“I just want people to have a crack at something they’re passionate about.

“If an employer can find a passionate employee then they are gold and, for the employee, they’ll be doing what they’re really passionate about.”

To take advantage of the free 12 month membership, just head to and use the code “OMAS” to unlock the free membership.