Santa enjoying a cold one at the Vic Brewbar at the top of Trafalgar street.

Vic Brewbar Banter with Santa


Every few weeks the Nelson Weekly sits down with someone in the community at either Burger Culture or the Vic Brewbar.

This time we were lucky enough to catch Santa as he went about his Christmas shopping. We managed to stop him just before he jetted back to the North Pole with his reindeer.

So, we asked him all the questions we have always wanted to know.

Q: Hey Santa, great to see you. No offence, but I thought you would be … older.

A: Well, Santa has the gift of eternity. I have always been and always will be. It’s quite tiring but basically, I’m the same person every year.
However, sometimes I look older just in for those older kids who believe in me.
Often though, I can be quite fresh-faced.

Q: Funny you should say that. I’ve got a young boy who is on the brink of not believing. What do you say to him?

A: If they don’t believe, what are they going to get in their stockings?
You have to believe in Santa to get the presents from Santa and everyone knows I give the best presents. I don’t give away undies and socks.

Q: It’s quite hot in the Southern Hemisphere, you look a little toasty. How do you handle that?

A: Santa is definitely finding it tough in the Summer here.
But I’m only here for a couple of minutes and then I’m gone – off to deliver presents to every child in the world.
Sometimes I wear my summer outfit which is basically just a red shirt and red togs. But we also have pretty good air-conditioning on the sleigh.

Q: What do you think of Nelson as a Christmas location?

A: I would love to spend more time here.
I’d love to sit on the beach, but Mrs Claus isn’t a huge fan.
She likes white Christmases and candy canes and Christmas lights, which I hear there is quite a lot of here.

Q: Why can’t Mrs Claus feature a bit more.

A: She is back readying all the elves, making sure they are wrapping all the presents.

Q: Do you have any Christmas messages for the children and adults of Nelson?

A: For the children, you have to remember to listen to your parents, teachers and adults and be good because I’m still watching. To the parents, you also must be good because I am also watching.
There are a lot of you on the naughty and nice list. It can change in the blink of an eye.

Q: What’s your favourite food to be left for you on Christmas eve?

A: My favourite thing is homemade fruit mince pies made with love and a little bit of brandy in them.
After a couple of billion of those you start to really enjoy them.

Q: Do you get Christmas presents?

A: Yes, Mrs Claus gets me one every Christmas. I really look forward to it.

Q: What is it?

A: A Weightwatchers gift card.