Ishna Jacobs put the call out to her friends to donate dresses for Nelson Intermediate girls who didn’t have anything to wear for their end-of-year formal. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Mum puts the call out for girls’ dresses


Ishna Jacobs firmly believes that you don’t have to do much to make a big difference.

When she started looking around for a dress for her 13-year-old daughter Saran to wear to her end-of-year dance, Ishna noticed how difficult it might be for other parents to find something their girls might like.

“I thought there must be heaps of girls who have parents who either don’t know what their girls like or just can’t afford it.”

Ishna managed to get a dress from an op shop for four dollars but says looking around for a new dress was disheartening. The cheapest was about $100.

“I hate the idea of girls not going to the dance because they don’t have something nice to wear. I also hate the idea of girls feeling like they aren’t feeling wonderful,” she says.

“I want them all to feel special and sparkly.”

So, she decided to put the call out to her friends who might be hoarding nice dresses in their cupboards.

“I have lots of female friends who have something in their wardrobe that they haven’t worn for ages, but they are too lovely just to get rid of. So this was a nice solution.”

Ishna now has 35 dresses which she delivered to Nelson Intermediate yesterday. She says it’s a small gesture that might make a big difference for some girls.

“We can all do something for someone else and it doesn’t take that much, it doesn’t need to cost anything,” she says. “It’s so simple to make someone’s life brighter. You can change a kid’s life going forward and how they feel about things. We can make a big change in a life if we all do something small, it doesn’t have to be massive.”