From left, Katelyn Ching, Mikayla McDonald, Damin Ching and Brandon Ching, at the Family Fun Day on Sunday, raising money for Damin’s surgery. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Fun day fund raiser for Damin


Damin Ching is one step closer to his “life changing” surgery after a successful Family Fun Day fund raiser on Sunday.

The event was held at Broadgreen Historic House and included a range of food, activities, games and entertainment for the whole family, with proceeds going towards the $120,000 required to get Damin to St Louis Children’s Hospital is America.

Damin has right side hemiplegia, a type of cerebral palsy which causes him to have extremely high muscle tone and lack of control in the affected side of his body.

But a rare operation called selective dorsal rhizotomy, which involves cutting the nerve fibres in the spine that the brain uses to stiffen the limbs, could give the Nayland Primary School pupil a new lease on life.

Damin’s parents Mikayla McDonald and Brandon Ching were amazed at the number of people who attended the event and wish to thank everyone who came along.

“We’re just lost for words, we really appreciate everyone’s support, we didn’t think it would be as bit as what it was,” says Mikayla. “It was a great community turn out.”

Mikayla says they’re still calculating how much the Family Fun Day raised for Damin’s operation, and will have further fund raising events to come, including a quiz night in February.

To stay up to date with Damin’s journey and ways you can help him get to America for his surgery, check out his Facebook page, Damin’s road to SDR.