Cambusters Hot Rod Club members Kim Quint, far left, and Robert Quint, far right, with Ernest Rutherford residents Dawn Clemence and Shirley Wakelin, during the Christmas Retirement Village Run on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Classic cars visit local retirees


Local retirement village residents were treated to a classic car display on Sunday afternoon, when a Nelson hot rod club took to the streets for a Christmas Retirement Village Run.

Around 28 cars took part in the event, which saw them drive by four retirement villages – Oakwoods in Richmond, Ernest Rutherford and Somerset in Stoke and The Wood in Nelson.

“It was a one-off thing that we decided to do,” says Cambusters Hot Rod Club member Brenda Ford. “We’re just trying to up the profile of hot rodding in the Nelson region and get involved in the community.”

Cambusters Hot Rod Club has also established a social committee, to brainstorm community-minded events, like the retirement village run, that all the clubs in Nelson can get behind.

“It just makes you smile when people are looking at your car and it’s giving them a buzz,” says Brenda. “Personally, I really enjoy doing that type of thing and for them it’s special because these types of cars were part of their every day when they were young.”

The group finished its run at Founders Heritage Park with a social gathering.