Glen resident Nicole Cooley has started a petition to get the Nelson City Council to address speeding in the area. Photo: Charles Anderson.

‘Our kids are going to be hit’


Nicole Cooley says almost everyone in her neighbourhood has a “near miss” story.
There is no footpath on Seafield Terrace, which leads through The Glen towards the Boulder Bank.

Since Nicole moved in eight years ago, more families have arrived with more children. A playground and sports fields have also been installed. Nicole says there are more people than ever visiting the seaside spot.

But if you want to walk to the playground from Nicole’s house, you must negotiate the road on one side and a ditch on the other. Children get picked up and dropped off on the road by their school bus. However, the speed limit is still 50kmh and there are no speed humps.

“We are just scared stiff that one of our kids is going to be hit,” she says. ]

As the chairperson for her local community group, Nicole says she has taken the cause upon herself. So, she started a petition asking the Nelson City Council to look seriously at the issue. It now has 150 signatures.

“I have had a close call with my young children whilst waiting for the school bus on the side of the road, having to jump out of the way and pull my child almost into the open ditch to avoid being struck.”

Nicole says council put in speed measurement devices which confirmed that people would regularly speed.

“It’s a long straight so they would just plant it and zoom.”

She says repeated pleas to both the council and police have not gone anywhere.

“We have done our best to try to curb this behaviour ourselves, now it is the council’s turn to come to the party before one of us or our children’s lives are tragically affected or taken.”

The council’s group manager for infrastructure, Alec Louverdis, says council is aware of the concerns and a digital speed reminder sign is being installed his week.

Council is also reviewing speed limits around the city and Seafield Terrace will be investigated as part of this work.