Nelson College student Erich Eis-Domoni, centre, walks with other students from Nelson College and Nelson College for Girls as they get used to their new uniforms on Monday. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Mufti prank at colleges


Nelson College for Girls had made it clear that leaving students would not be allowed to take part in any pranks.

So, on the last full day for all the students, 18-year-old Libby Neill came up with a plan.
The school did allow the girls a mufti day. So yesterday morning, a cohort of about 100 students, from both Nelson College for Girls and Nelson College, showed up to the Church Steps at the top of Trafalgar St. Then they swapped uniforms.

“I was like ‘what would be a really good way to finish the year for both schools’,” Libby said. “We thought it would be this cool congregation at the Church Steps to swap uniforms and celebrate.”

There were skateboards, scooters, shorts and skirts. There were curious looks from passers-by and more than a few obligatory selfies.

“We will see how the school reacts,” said Libby. “I think they will get the joke. They said, ‘wear whatever you want’. So, we are.”

Nelson College student Madison Daly, 18, wondered why they hadn’t decided to swap uniforms before.

“It feels a bit surreal. This is making it a little more surreal. It feels like you’re wearing no pants.”

Would his school get the joke?

“They’re going to have to.”