Masters Tennis on October 6 2017. Photo: Evan Barnes (Shuttersport Limited)

Tough tennis matches at masters


The inaugural singles tennis competition took place at this year’s SI Masters Games in perfect tennis playing conditions.

Traditionally, doubles is the format for SI Master Tennis, however the call to add singles to the competition proved worthwhile.

Kelvin Williams pulled out all stops against Richard Fry in an exciting three set match in the competitive 35/45+ grade, testing the limits of both players.

Fry won the first set in a tiebreak, only to have Williams break back taking control in the second, with a third full set going to another tiebreak; Williams prevailing 6/7, 6/4, 7/6. Williams faced Wellington player, Simon Richardson, in the final, again being pushed to three sets before taking gold 6/0, 4/6, 10/4.

Richardson won the silver medal and Fry, bronze. Competitive 55+/65+ saw Kevin Wilson romp home to take gold, conceding only four games over three matches. Local principal John Armstrong didn’t give away too much en route to taking the 45+ social title, silver going to David Scott and bronze to Steve MacKay.

Women’s competitive singles kept spectators occupied with an array of skills on court. Heidi Mayer and Jillian Cavan’s closely fought match produced the best in both players, Mayer got the edge early in the final tiebreak to win 6/4, 4/6, 10/3.

Alice Anderson had consistently good games to take the women’s competitive gold medal, winning all her matches in straight sets, with Mayer silver and Jill Cavan bronze. Maureen Miles took the gold for 65+ competitive, Jan Linn won gold in the 55+ women’s social, with Sandra Bishop the silver winner.

The 65+ social gold went to Noelene Robinson, 45+ social gold to Hannah Straker and silver to Karina Inglis.