MC Murray Leaning, guest author Bill Brett, and Wholesale Landscapes marketing manager Jonathan McKeown with winner Jamila Knopp on Saturday. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Local gardener wins $10,000 landscaping makeover


A whopping 4000 people put their name in the draw to win a $10,000 Wholesale Landscapes dream makeover at the Nelson Home & Garden Show.

On Saturday, the top 30 entrants were invited to a VIP event where favours were handed out, spot prizes were awarded, and the grand prize winner was announced.

Richmond gardener Jamila Knopp was “floored” when her name was called. Despite her 13-year-old daughter Arielle telling her she was going to win as she walked out the door, Jamila wasn’t hopeful.

“I’ve never won anything before in my life, I still can’t believe it, this is truly amazing!”

Jamila’s husband Kieron Goodwin says she took him to every single stall at the show and was very eager to enter the competition.“

“She really deserves this, the outdoor part of our house is her passion but she hasn’t been able to do much with it yet so winning this has brought a lot of joy.”

Already, Jamila has plans that include better fencing, some wind shelter, a big veggie garden, fruit trees, an outdoor area and a highly-requested grapevine for her husband.

Wholesale Landscapes marketing manager Jonathan McKeown says her reaction was the type “you could only hope for”.

“She was very excited and everyone else in the room was infected by her happiness and gave a really loud cheer, we’ve got a really great winner.”

Jamila says she loves gardening, being artistic and designing outdoor areas, but she hasn’t had the chance to really makeover their property.

This week, a landscape architect will meet with Jamila, go through what she’s wanting, come up with a plan and then Wholesale Landscapes will look after everything, leaving Jamila with the garden of her dreams.