Artist Cindy Hutton’s studio turned into a television set on Saturday thanks to ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’ host Graeme Stevenson and head of production Sophia Stacey. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Local artist to feature on TV show


The international television show ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’ made a pit stop in Nelson late last month, featuring local realist artist Cindy Hutton in an episode.

The Australian art educational TV show travels the globe to find artists in their home studios and record their techniques.

It is viewed by millions of people in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Austria and New Zealand, as well as on their widely followed Youtube and Vimeo channel.

Cindy, who was a real estate agent until she got more art commissions than house listings, says featuring on the show is such an exciting opportunity, but it was “weird” to have cameras and a camera crew all crammed into her small Richmond studio.

“Painting in front of a film crew was something I’ve never done before so it was a bit daunting, but Sofia and Graeme were amazing to work with and even though I was completely out of my comfort zone they made it really fun.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how they’ve edited six hours of filming down to half an hour and what they’ve created, it’s going to be weird seeing myself on television.”

Host Graeme Stevenson says they were thrilled to be able to film Cindy for the show

“Cindy’s work is amazing and I am sure that our viewers will benefit from seeing some of the techniques that Cindy will be sharing,” he says.

Cindy says the perfectly timed phone call asking her to feature in ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’ fell on the first anniversary of her dad’s death.

“For me, the whole thing is a gift from God, I’ve been given the gift of talent and now this exposure and getting the call on the anniversary of my dad’s death, it was a real distraction and gave me something to look forward to, this whole process has been quite special,” she says.

To top everything off, her episode will be airing on January 17, on her birthday.

During the show’s fourth trip to New Zealand, host Graeme and head of production Sophia Stacey will be filming five other New Zealand artists, Min Kim, Debbie Lambert, Kym Beaton, Sue Currie and Lynley Van Alphen.

They will be aired on New Zealand’s Choice on Demand and Sky Arts NZ.