Alison Browning and Chris Jackson wore yellow for Saturday morning’s Sunrise Walk for Wellbeing. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Hundreds gather for sunrise walk


Starting in the dark and guided only by torchlight, hundreds of Nelsonians set off on the 2017 Sunrise Walk for Wellbeing.

Created by locals Pete and Vicky de Jong, the airport perimeter walk begins before sunrise and finishes in the light of day.

Alison Browning, who participated in last year’s walk says she doesn’t mind the early start for such a worthy cause.

“It gets light so quickly and in someways that mirrors the mental health journey, you’ll be in the dark for so long and suddenly there’s something that hits you, like the sunrise, and things get better,” Alison says.

“It’s a very worthy cause, mental health touches people across the board, there’s no age range, there’s no gender, mental health doesn’t discriminate, and it’s great to see the stigma disappearing.”

Alison says the event works as a positive way to destigmatise mental health, offers help to those who need it, and encourages conversation on depression and mental health.