A multitude of cars in the Nelson region are having their tires' slashed overnight. Photo: File.

Tyre slashers target Nelson


A number of residents woke up and jumped into their cars only to find their tyres had been slashed over the weekend.

Senior Sergeant John Price says police have had multiple tyre slashings reported in the Nayland area and Nelson’s U-Save Tyres manager John McNaught says they’ve been inundated with calls and customers today.

“We’ve had half a dozen calls minimum, we’ve had five people come in and have their tyres replaced, and a tyre shop in Richmond has had at least four as well, so there were a lot of tyres slashed.”

John says they’ve also had to go to several call-outs.

“They’ve been mainly cutting the two tyres on the left side, so drivers are getting their spare on but they still can’t move the car because both tyres are stuffed.”

“We’ve had to put vehicles on axle stands in the driveway, take the tyres away, fix them and take them back, so the numpty that’s doing it is really making it hard for people, slashing not one tyre but two.”

John says that whoever has been doing it, has been really making a meal of it.

“We had a four-wheel drive come in with two left hand side tyres slashed. One of the wheels had a 30cm gash, so whatever they’re using is a very sharp knife because they’re cutting the tyres like butter.”

While he’s always happy to see customers, John says he’s really not happy to see people’s tyres getting slashed.

“We love helping the public out by selling them tyres and making sure they’re safe, but I don’t enjoy having to do this for people, some muppet is costing people a lot of money.”

Police are investigating the slashings and Senior Sergeant John Price says anyone who sees suspicious activity should call police on 546 3840.