Nelson Central Garden Group’s founder Barry Highfield and deputy leader Margaret Satherly at the Spring Flower Show on Saturday. Photo: Brittany Spencer.

Flowers bloom at spring show


The Stoke Methodist Church was brimming with blossoms and over 500 people on Saturday during the Nelson Central Garden Group’s biggest Spring Flower Show.

Bringing together 17 gardening groups and 11 churches, there was everything from daffodils, roses, orchids, succulents, and a massive magnolia named Felix.

Organiser Barry Highfield says the show almost doubled in its second year.

“We had so many people queued waiting that I had to do a countdown, ‘nine, eight, seven, six, oh in you all come’. It was the perfect day and the church was buzzing like a hive the whole time.”

And this year, 95-year-old volunteer Mabel McAllister, who potted over 50 plants in preparation for the day, was well enough to attend.

Flowers are like food to Mabel so she just loved it, her daughter brought her along and she was so glad she could come this year, she just kept wandering through the arrangements.”

Anyone interested in joining the Nelson Central Garden Group is invited to contact Barry on 5479086.