Houses in the Nelson Region where some community members can't find the suitable home. Photo: File.

We say: Why we are focusing on good homes for all


Safe and sound. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

It’s what every parent wants for their child – to have a place they can call home, where they can relax and settle into their formative years without fear of being cold, damp and unsettled.

Myriad research shows that having a warm and secure home impacts on every facet of a child’s life. But many take that for granted and might think that our region is immune to these challenges.

Forget about families trying to get on the property ladder – many are more worried about just finding somewhere not plagued by cold and dampness.

Health outcomes, educational outcomes, and life outcomes – they can all be traced back to having a stable living condition in a warm home.

So, over the next several weeks we will explore these issues and meet those who experience them every day.

You will learn what it is like to try and raise a family in a cold, damp house, about the struggle to find a home and what happens when you slip through the gaps.

We want to hear from you too.

We want to know about the issues you have faced in trying to find good accommodation in the region with rentals creeping ever up and too many homes with serious quality issues.

But we will also speak to those locals working on solutions and what, with an election fast approaching, our candidates think needs to be done.

Because if there’s one thing that we should agree on is that every child deserves a decent start in life, no matter their background. They all deserve to be safe and sound.

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