The team at Stoke Video Ezy with its huge collection of stock on sale. Photo: Charles Anderson

Stoke’s only video shop to shut down


It’s the sort of business that found Sean Davies praying for rainy days.

After all, with cold, horrible weather comes a demand to rug up inside with a good movie.

“You become the Grinch really,” says Sean, who owns the Video Ezy in Stoke.

But lately he hasn’t seen the winter pick-up in trade. That, combined with the challenging time to be in the video rental market and a desire to move on, has seen Sean and his team decide to call it quits.

The store will shut down next month leaving just one video rental store in Nelson and one in Richmond.

“I do feel for the customers in the area who now will have to travel further,” Sean says. “We have some customers who don’t have the internet or travel, so they are the ones who will be affected the most.”

They will stop renting on August 7 and then just focus on selling stock. Right now, all DVDs are for sale for between $5 and $15.

He says it’s a sign of the times.

“Three years ago, there were 60 Video Ezy stores in New Zealand – now there are only 20.”

But Sean already has plans for another business. He is opening a backpackers on Beach Rd in Tahunanui and hopes to have it open in September for the summer months.

Then he will be praying for sunny days.