Barnett Construction workers on a building site in Richmond.There was a 25 per cent jump in the number of new build consents issued in Nelson over the past 12 months and a smaller jump in Tasman. Photo: Simon Bloomberg.

Building consent jump for Nelson


Nelson saw a 25.3 per cent increase in the number of building consents issued for new homes compared to the same time last year show new data from Statistics New Zealand.

The increase is far greater than the national average of 8.4 per cent from data collected until the end of June 2017.

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The region with the highest increase was the West Coast with 63.4 per cent, while Canterbury suffered the biggest swing the other way, down 23.5 per cent, which is explained by the residential rebuild following the earthquakes tapering off.

Tasman District also saw an increase, although it was modest with the number of consents increasing from 354 to 381. TDC communication manager Chris Choat says that expected to increase over the coming months.

“There is continuing interest from people wanting to live in Tasman and this shows steady growth. But there is a bit of a wave coming at us with the special housing areas approved. These numbers will climb significantly next year.”

Although a bigger jump percentage wise, Nelson still lagged behind Tasman in the number of new build consents issued. In 2015/16 183 consents were approved and in 2016/17 that jumped to 236.

With special housing areas in Nelson also approved, it is likely that this will jump again next year.