Neil Scott with his children David, Phillip and Johnny. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Hopes for a warmer home


Neil Scott is used to checking the thermometer at his Toi Toi home and seeing the mercury drop as low as 6 degrees Celsius.

“That’s no good, not when you have got three kids around.”

Neil bought the home seven years ago and knew that he needed it to be warmer, but struggled to find the money or finances to do so.

That struggle has taken its toll. Neil now has a chronic breathing disorder and two of his three sons have asthma.

“It’s important that they are protected,” Neil says. “But the blankets aren’t enough.”

He has also just recovered from a flu that has had him bedridden for six weeks.

“It’s that nasty strain that is going around.”

Neil spends his days distributing rescued food from around the city to Victory Community Centre – helping those in need.

“It’s all for the local community but we get people as far away as Tahuna coming in. It’s really needed.”

But it is Neil and his family that needed help when it came to staying warm and dry.

For three years he tried to get a company to install and system that would take the dampness out of his home. He was going to try and pay it off himself but admits his “finances aren’t A1”.

But a friend of his started working for Comfortmaster, which installs such systems, and donated Neil and his family their product.

“They reckon I’ll notice a big difference…I’m really grateful.”