This flyer has been circulating around Nelson neighbourhoods purporting to be from the Brook Valley Community Group, which has upset councillor Tim Skinner.

Fake flyer a ‘dirty play’


A Nelson City councillor is calling a satirical flyer about the Brook Sanctuary pest control poison drop a “dirty play” and has reported it to police.

Tim Skinner says the flyer, which purports to be a publication called “Brook News”, has been delivered to various neighbourhoods around Nelson. It alleges, in inflammatory terms, that the Brook Valley Community Group is opposed to the Brook Sanctuary.

“It might be only a tiny bit of rat poison but this is the opportunity to shut the sanctuary down dead once and for all,” the flyer reads.

The sanctuary has been preparing for a drop of brodifacoum-laced bait to help curb pests within its fences.It was signed off at a council hearing last year and had been subject to an environmental report.

However, the Brook Valley Community Group, which is opposed to the drop, recently announced that it was trying to fundraise $80,000 to challenge the new national regulations for pest control in the High Court.

The flyer alleges, tongue in cheek, that the Government along with council are conspiring to tell “lies and propaganda” so poison can continue to be sold and they can “pretend” native birds are in danger.

“The so-called pests actually now live in harmony with birds,” it says.

The flyer also says that the council has put chlorine and fluoride in water to try and “control” its subjects.

It seems to be a satirical take on some of the positions taken by various community groups.

However, Tim says the flyer undermines his credibility as a “sensible city councillor”.

“It is becoming very concerning to me, as it has my name on it [and] falsely claims to link me with extremist conspiracy views.

“It is an example of dirty play taking place. I would be very interested to find the author and nip it in the bud.”

Tim says it is “definitely not” from the Brook Valley Community Group, nor any of its 150 members.

“I believe it possibly someone upset with those protesting the poison drop.”

However, Tim says he is not linked with any group despite opposing the drop. “I stand on my own two feet.”

Tim says he has also informed the police.