Squire’s owner Kim Hall proudly displays the work by a mystery artist who leaves his work behind for punters to enjoy. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Mystery artist creates buzz at cafe


Next time you pop down to Squire’s in Stoke for a coffee you could walk away with your very own portrait.

For the past year, a mystery artist has been frequenting the eatery and drawing punters as well as creating his very own coffee-based cartoon scenes.

“I thought they were really cool when he first came in,” says owner Kim Hall. “He has gotten better and better.”

Sometimes the artist, who signs his name only as “Walker, leaves his creations on the table. Other times he will give them to customers.

“They are just amazed when he hands them to them,” says Kim. “When he leaves our regular customers will rush over to see what he has done.”

His early works at Squires were still life drawings – of salt and pepper shakers or the light fittings in the cafe. But, increasingly, he has been creating small “pop art” vignettes, reminiscent of the work of famous American artist Roy Lichtenstein.

They are all based around coffee, betrayal and the tensions created by loving something too much. Curiously, Kim says “Walker” only drinks tea.

In one of the portraits he has used tea as a stain to give his character some colouring.

Kim has been so impressed with the drawings that she has framed them. There are still more to be displayed.

“They are great for people to look at and enjoy while they are waiting for a coffee,” she says. “They are too good to be stashed away.”

Kim says the artist, who brings in his own drawing materials, seems to like the mystery he has created.

“He is not a talky person.”

But his artwork is certainly all the buzz at Squires.


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