Photo by Brittany Spencer.

UPDATED: Hazards on Tasman roads


The Tasman District Council are urging drivers to take care whilst driving in Tasman following slips and culvert washouts.

Generated by the heavy rain overnight, a culvert near the Courthouse Cafe in Collingwood was washed out.

However, the area has now been cleaned up and while it has caused some seal damage, the road is safe to drive on.

Tasman’s Totaranui Rd has reopened after being completely blocked by a slip but drivers are advised to take care as there are some other smaller slips along the road.

A slip has also fallen across Abel Tasman Dr, this is currently in the process of being cleared.

A crew are also dealing with a slip at a culvert along Cobb Rd.

The council have reported some gravel, which was washed down in the rain, spread across a corner on the Sandy Bay Marahau Rd.

Engineers are at the remaining three hazardous sites and are working to clear the roads.

In the meantime, council ask that people be aware of these hazards and take care driving.

“We really need people to take care when they’re driving, it’s very wet and there are obviously some slips and other things going on that people need to be aware of,” says Tasman District Council’s Beth Catley.