Wholesale Landscapes' Tom Filmer, left, with Azwood Energy's Ben Homan and some of the boxes of woodblocks they're giving away to community groups or clubs that wish to get in touch with them. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Warm giveaway for community groups and clubs


Straight off the back of their Wholesale Wish promotion earlier this year which saw 60 landscaping wishes granted, Wholesale Landscapes is teaming up with Azwood Energy for another giveaway.

The two companies are donating four pallets of boxed, kiln-dried firewood blocks to four worthy causes.

Each pallet contains 60 boxes of Azwood dry firewood blocks which would normally retail for around $10 per box.

“We sell kiln-dried wood blocks from $14 a load, all year round.,” Wholesale Landscapes’ Tom Filmer says.

“They’re one of our most popular products, people literally line up to get them when it starts to get cold because they burn with quite a high heat.

“We had these pallets sitting out the back and we thought, we could sell them, or we could give them away and community organisations could have a chance to do some fund-raising coming into winter, and hopefully make something to help fund their endeavours.”

Four winners will be chosen when the promotion ends on May 15, with each receiving a pallet of 60 boxes that the team will then deliver.

To enter into the promotion, simply visit either businesses Facebook page and explain to them why the community group or cause deserves a pallet, or phone Wholesale Landscapes on 547 5300, or Azwood Energy on 547 4836.