Kit Maling, middle, with Waimea Village residents, from left, Kevin Seyb, Marian Cringle, Jerry Rowland, John Hewison, Monty Walker and Rex Page at Kit's farewell late last month. Photo by Brittany Spencer.

Waimea Village farewells Kit Maling


Waimea Village farewelled the man that helped reclaim their homes for them.

Tasman district councillor Kit Maling is stepping down from his role as caretaker and manager at Waimea Village after buying the village and selling it back to the residents in 2014. Kit played a key role in the deal following a long and bitter dispute between residents and former owners Michael and Carolyn Wright over excessive increases in their annual fees.

Kit was farewelled at a gathering within the village late last month, with a large group of residents there to share one last glass of whisky and reflect on progress.

Waimea Village chairman Monty Walker says he is sad to see Kit go and is grateful for all his help

“He’s done a great job for the village, he’s a good man. Being a councillor as well, just made it a bit too much work but Kit’s got a good replacement, Glyn Cunningham, and he’s already doing a good job.”

Kit says while he is sad to go, he is happy leaving the village better off than when he first got involved.

“Most of the residents are shareholders of the village now, the house prices have gone through the roof and the debt is paid off. It’s a fantastic community here, they do a lot together and it’s been great helping them through everything.”