NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - March 19: Nelson Club Rugby Marist v Waimea Trafalgar Park on March 19 2016 in Nelson, New Zealand. (Photo by: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited)

Top four found in Tasman Trophy rugby


Nelson will host Moutere while Waimea Old Boys will welcome Wanderers in Wednesday night’s semifinals of the NPD Tasman Trophy rugby competition.

Nelson claimed top spot last week but were defaulted to by Harlequins this week.

Waimea Old Boys beat Renwick 27-15 to drop Renwick out of the top four and book themselves a home semifinal with Wanderers who also earned maximum points when Waitohi defaulted to them after the death of their prop Bevan Moody late in the week.

Central also defaulted to Kahurangi.

Stoke’s 18-14 upset of Moutere caused all the changes in the top four.

Marist beat East Coast 19-17 in the other fixture.

In division two; Huia beat Wanderers 29-25, Collingwood edged Nelson 19-14, Waimea Old Boys beat Motueka United 18-15 on the last kick of the game which hit an upright and went over, Riwaka thumped Stoke 71-0 and Marist beat Country Combined 39-25.