NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 12: NBL Basketball Nelson Giants v Super City Rangers on May 12 2017 Trafalgar Centre in Nelson, New Zealand. (Photo by: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited)

Live Blog: Nelson Giants v Super City Rangers


Hi everyone and welcome to the Trafalgar Centre for the NBL match between the Mike Pero Nelson Giants v Super City Rangers.

Tipoff at 7pm as the Giants look to get off the bottom of the ladder.

Starting five for the Giants: Ali Granger, Dion Prewster, Finn Delany, Morgan Grim and Sam Dempster.

Rangers starting five: Lindsay Tait, Dillon Boucher, Mitch McCarron, Earnest Ross and Nnanna Egwu.


FULL TIME The Giants tried but they have come up short, they had their chances but they go down 76-71. A big dent to their top four chances.

8.32pm Giants ball 27 seconds left, Rangers lead by two, 73-71.

8.30pm Delany cuts the Rangers lead to two then gets the rebound. 73-71.

8.27pm Giants had their chances to equalise by haven’t done it and the Rangers go up by four 73-69 with 2.29 to play, Delany to the line.

8.23pm Sam Dempster limps to the bench Morgan Grim cuts the Rangers led to 71-69. Giants ball 5.15 to play.

8.20pm Tie game until Earnest Ross gets a runaway two for the Rangers. Beri hits a three 67-66 Giants.

8.19pm Rangers get the lead back 62-61 on a fast start to the quarter but Beri nails a three! 64-62 Giants lead.


THREE-QUARTER TIME Last play and Dempster is fouled shooting three points! Giants lead at the last break 61-57.

8.11pm Dempster gets a gift two after free throws and the Giants take a 58-57 lead. Jump ball with 13 seconds left in the third quarter.

8.07pm Rangers almost get too cute with a runaway basket but re-take the lead 54-53.

8.06pm Dempster with a three and the Giants lead 53-52.

8.05pm Tie game after a Prewster 3! 50-50.

8.03pm Giants closing things in 45-45.

7.59pm 43-40 Delany with a three-point play.

7.58pm Dempster gets two and the Giants cut the gap 43-37. Giants ball.

7.56pm Giants start the second half with more intensity 41-32 Rangers lead. Granger with a three 41-35.


HALF TIME A mediocre spectacle in the first half, Giants trail 39-28.

7.37pm Rangers go on a run. Just 10 points so far for the Giants in the quarter and we’re into the final minute now. Ingham hits a three, 39-28.

7.33pm Coach Bailey demanding more ball movement from the Giants, 35-25.

7.32pm Time out Giants as the lead balloons to 33-23.

7.30pm Giants getting good looks but not making the most of them yet. 29-23.

7.27pm Ingham with another bucket, 29-21.

7.26pm Tom Ingham with two points but the margin is increasing, 27-19 Rangers lead.


QUARTER TIME 19-15 Rangers lead with Finn Delany leading all scorers with nine points.

Turnovers continue with Rangers getting some positives out of their double-team efforts 25-15.

7.03pm Two misses start the game, one from each team. Turnover Rangers from a loose pass. However, Prewster turns the ball over and Tait pulls up a jumper. 2-0 Rangers.

7.05pm Prewster makes amends with a nice layup 2-2.

7.07pm Delany fouled two shots makes one 3-2 Giants lead.

7.08pm Prewster finds Delany wide open and he takes it to the rim unopposed. Rangers reply though, 8-5 Rangers lead.

7.13pm Delany continues to have the hot hand, 8-7 Rangers lead. A few turnovers creeping in.

7.14pm Granger with a three on an assist from Delany. 12-12.

7.16pm Rangers take the lead on a three 17-14 late in the first.

7.20 Quarter time and the Rangers lead 19-15.