NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 19: NBL Basketball Nelson Giants v Hawks on May 19 2017 in Nelson, New Zealand. (Photo by: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited)

Live Blog: Nelson Giants v Hawke’s Bay Hawks


Welcome to the live blog of the NBL match at Nelson Trafalgar Centre.

Tonight, the Mike Pero Nelson Giants welcome the Hawke’s Bay Hawks to the Hangar.

Both teams will be looking to keep their slim top-four hopes alive with the Hawks winning the last meeting between the two teams a fortnight ago while the Giants look to bounce back from their 76-71 loss to the Super City Rangers at home a week ago.

Tip-off is at 7pm.

Giants win 86-74.

8.44pm Prewster gets a finger roll two 19 seconds left 86-74 Giants lead

8.43pm Hawks keep it nteresting one minute plus to play 80-74 Finn with a key play though 82-74

8.37pm Tom Ingham with two 80-69

8.36pm Prewster draws a fouls and will shoot two. Nails two 76-66

8.35pm The Hawks get two technical fouls and that may end their run 74-63

8.32pm Tom Ingham with the and one 72-63 Giants lead.

8.30pm Hawks to the line miss both 66-61 and Delany makes them pay with three! 69-63. 5 minutes to play.

8.29pm Prewster drives to the play gets the basket and is fouled for three 66-59

8.28pm Hawks with two free throws 63-59.

8.26pm A Captain’s three from Delany when it was needed most. 63-57

8.24pm Giants look like a boxer waiting for the final blow to hit them 60-57 they lead.

8.22pm Phill Jones nails that three 60-55

Three quarter time Giants lead 57-51. Just eight points in that third quarter.


8.19pm It’s a grind for the Giants, They’ve looked terrible, no one attacking the hoop, missed free throws, poor ball control. But they still lead 57-51.

8.12pm Jones gets two free throws 55-49 Giants lead.

8.10pm a 20-4 run here for the Hawks, 53-47.

8.08pm Delany with two free throws. Giants missing the rebounds. Prewster with the offensive foul. 51-42.

8.05pm Bit of niggle here with Grim and the Hawks coach jawjacking each other. 49-38. Hawks back in this game. Prewster has been poor since the half started with a couple of sloppy passes. Here’s the calming influence of Phill Jones 49-39.

8.04pm Giants have gone to sleep here anf the Hawks have the first 10 points in the third quarter.

8.03pm 49-34 Hawks score the first seven points of the third quarter.

8.00pm Hawks start with a bucket half with a nice drive 49-29.

7.43pm halftime 49-27. Staggeringly good half from the Giants.

7.40pm Giants time out with 11 seconds left. They’ll have the ball 49-27

7.38pm Tom Ingham having a night. It’s another jumper 47-26

7.37pm Prewster to Beri for two 45-26.

7.35pm A fired up Tom Ingham hits his fourth three pointer and yells a massive “Let’s Go” as the Hawks take time out 43-24 two mins left.

7.33pm The crowd wants one Phill Jones three-pointer. They’ll have to wait. He’s back on the bench.

7.32pm Finn with a pretty drive and finish 38-24.

7.30pm Morgan Grim falls on the floor gets up a little ginger that’s all the Giants need is a big man to go down. He plays on 36-24.

7.29pm Tom Ingham his third three of the night 36-24.

7.27pm Hawks travel rules out a basket. Grim’s questioning of the ref works for once. Right call 33-22 5.36 left in the second.

7.25pm Grim with two free throws 33-20.

7.24pm Fast break Granger to Jones and Delany with a dunk. Pretty 31-18.

7.22pm Second quarter let’s go Prewster hard to the basket 27-15.

7.19pm Prewster with two Phill Jones out there now. End of the first quarter 25-15 Giants lead. Ingham and Prewster with eight points each, Finn with six.

7.18pm Every time the Giants have the answer to the question. Bronson Beri hits a three 23-11. one minute left.

7.15pm Tom Ingham with a floating two to go with four rebounds 20-8.

7.13pm Tom Ingham with a contested three! His second of the game 18-6.

7.12pm Prewster hard to the bucket again. Hawks are cold as ice 15-4

7.11pm Prewster with a floater that goes. Tom Ingham with a board at the other end 13-2.

7.10pm Another offensive board for the Giants couldn’t make it count. Hawks get called for a travel. 11-2.

7.08pm Time out Hwks as a fast start from the new look Giants 11-2 we are four minutes in.

7.07pm Delany with another two inside he’s taking the scoring responsibility. 9-2 Giants.

7.07pm Offensive board and Tom Ingham hits a three 7-2 start for the Giants.

7.05pm Delany with two free throws to start and then he drives for another two 4-0

7pm No Sam Dempster and no Kyle Adnam tonight things just got tougher for the Giants.

6.58pm Giants starting five Ali Granger, Tom Ingham, Dion Prester, Morgan Grim and new captain Finn Delany.