Morley Motorcycle amd Marine managing director Ian Robinson with the same model of motorcyle that was stolen from their shop last month. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Hunt ongoing for motorbike thieves


Its been four weeks since two thieves broke into Morley Motorcycle and Marine, shimmied under a security beam, evaded infra-red detectors, and rolled a $14,500 bike out the store, but no one has been charged for the theft – yet.

The pair were caught on Morley’s security cameras when they stole the 2017 CRF450RX bike at 1.49am on April 17.

The pair tripped the alarm only as they pushed the bike out the removed window, security was on site moments later and police dogs traced the thieves as far as the neighbouring Placemakers carpark, but no further.

Click here to watch the security footage of the theft.

After posting a $5000 reward for information leading to their prosecution, Morley Motorcycle and Marine managing director Ian Robinson says they’ve have a wave of information flooding in, including the implication that it was an organised group of up to seven people.

While no one has been charged, Ian says they’ve “kicked up some lowlife” and have handed quite a lot of information to the police, some of which includes people who are well-known to police.

“The reward has obviously kicked up a lot of dust and a lot of interest,” says Ian.

“We’ve had accusations saying it was an organised group of seven people who were responsible for the burglary, and we’ve had six people in with that information.

“We have caused a great deal of interest and I would say that whoever has done it should be looking over their shoulder.”

Ian says he is very grateful to everyone who has come forward and the reward stands.

“I am over the moon and the reward stands, I’m prepared to pay them a lot of money. If we can get the prosecution, if we can get these bastards nailed, the reward is theirs.

“We need people looking, we need people to be watching out for us and somewhere, somehow, someone is going to open their mouth and there will be some information that will get through to the police.”

Nelson Senior Sergeant Nigel McMorran says the investigation is still ongoing and they have been following up on some leads from social media, but could not comment further.

In the meantime, Ian says the store have spent another $8,000 upgrading their current security.