Critical water shortage in Mapua


Mapua is experiencing a critical water shortage after the water main on Rabbit Island burst yesterday morning.

While the pipe was repaired yesterday afternoon, the burst has left the reservoir that feeds Mapua critically low, water tankers are replenishing the supply, but the reservoir will take time to refill.

The Tasman District Council ask that all Mapua residents use as little water as possible today.

“It is crucial that residents save as much water as possible, and try and keep water use low, until the reservoirs have enough capacity. We know it’s a pain – we appreciate your patience.”

A water tanker is stationed at the Mapua Community Hall for residents and when the supply is back on, council recommend that anyone who has had their water cut off should run their  taps for a few minutes to clear any air from the system.

To allow repairs, the water supply to Lower Queen Street in Richmond has been shut off, during this time, there may be no water supply to a small number of properties.

However, council hope to have the supply restored as soon as possible.


Water Saving Tips:

  • Don’t flush toilets unless absolutely necessary
  • Take very short showers, and only if necessary
  • Don’t use water outside of the house