Armed police prepare to search a property on Stratford Rd in Richmond for a person allegedly involved in an altercation and burglary at a house on Collins Rd on Friday.

Armed police swoop on Richmond property


Police are still looking for two men involved in an alleged altercation and robbery that resulted in a call out involving armed police and a police dog and handler searching a house on Stratford St in Richmond on Friday.

The rare sight of armed police marching through Richmond streets was a “necessary response to a potentially dangerous situation” that developed after two men took off following the incident, senior sergeant Blair Hall says. Police launched the operation after receiving information from a member of the public about the location of a vehicle related to the incident at a Collins Rd property.

Police responded quickly, closing off Stratford St before searching a property on that street. Two armed officers carrying rifles were involved in the search as a “precaution” after reports that the incident may have been gang-related.

“We had officers armed because we didn’t know who we’re dealing with,” senior sergeant Blair Hall told the Waimea Weekly. “The initial information was that a robbery had occurred and that it may have been gang-related so we needed to ensure the safety of the public and our officers.”

Blair says “it was a bit of excitement for Richmond but that initial information dictated our response.” A police dog and handler were involved in the search while police also placed spikes on Stratford St in case the alleged offenders tried to escape by car.

Police found the vehicle at around 1.30pm but called off the search just before 3pm when they couldn’t locate the alleged offenders. Blair says the investigation is continuing but at this stage no one has been spoken to from the other side of events.

“We still want to clarify what happened from that point of view,” he says.

Nelson Bays Area Commander Mat Arnold-Kelly would not say if the two men are known to police.