Leo Lipp Neighbours before his disappearance. Photo: Supplied.

Police: Bones found were Leo’s


Human bones found in Leo Lipp-Neighbours car off Wakefield Quay last week have been identified as belonging to the missing teenager.

Photo/NZ Herald.
Photo/NZ Herald.

Nelson Bays Area Commander, Inspector Mat Arnold-Kelly says a forensic pathology team in Christchurch has been able to positively identify the human remains found in the vehicle recovered from the Nelson Harbour last week.

They are that of the missing person Leo Lipp-Neighbours.

Mr Lipp-Neighbours was 19-years-old when he disappeared along with his vehicle on the morning of 24 January 2010.

“Police acknowledge that this confirmation brings some closure for the family and extends their sympathies to Mr Lipp-Neighbours’ friends and family.”

Nelson Police are continuing an investigation into how the vehicle came to be in the harbour and will be reviewing the entire investigation file in preparation for the Coronial process.