Nelson’s internet connection in top ten


Nelson has been named in New Zealand’s ten fastest cities for broadband speed, new figures released by Chorus show.

Out of the country’s 15 cities, Nelson scored ninth with an average speed of 43Mbps, just a few megabytes under Auckland, which came 5th.

Dunedin has the fastest internet in the country by a long shot with a staggering 196Mbps, while overall the cities all showed growth of over 50 per cent over the last 12 months.

“The results show that New Zealanders are downloading, streaming TV and gaming at a huge rate,” says Chorus network strategy manager Kurt Rodgers.

“Our use of new technology is also driving the increase in speed. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the cities or live rurally, content is flying into our homes faster due to newer technology such as high definition online television and more interactive and complex online games.”

New Zealand’s top ten fastest cities for broadband

  1. Dunedin City – 196.3Mbps
  2. North Shore City – 54.3Mbps
  3. Rotorua District – 52.8Mbps
  4. Porirua City – 47.7Mbps
  5. Auckland City – 45.4Mbps
  6. Manukau City – 45Mbps
  7. Lower Hutt City – 43.9Mbps
  8. Masterton District – 43.4Mbps
  9. Nelson City – 43Mbps
  10. Papakura District – 42.7Mbps