$1.4M staff expenses budget increase for council?


Nelson City Council is proposing a $1.4 million increase for their staff expenses budget in this year’s draft annual plan.

The proposed budget for staff expenses in the 2017/2018 draft annual plan is $19.713 million, an increase of $1.433 on the proposed staff expenses in 2016/2017 which was $18.280 million.

When approached by nelsonlive.co.nz, council communication manager Paul Shattock says there proposed increase is due to the following:

  • An increase in resource to meet legislative requirements in National Policy Statements, Health and Safety, and the Public Records Act
  • An increase in resource in the property area (to manage Council’s property assets), the parks and facilities area, and in the infrastructure planning area
  • A change in the method of budgeting for cadets (students from NMIT undergoing work placement).
  • A small increase as a result of the increase in library hours

The actual staff expenditure for 2015/2016, was $16.249 million.

The President of the Nelson Residents Association, John Walker, says the projected 21.3 per cent increase in personnel costs in a 2 year period is “astounding.”

“We urge concerned Nelson residents to submit to the Annual Plan and demand accountability for this blow-out,” says John.

Submissions on the Draft Plan can be made up until 5 pm on April 18.