Local 14-year-old Hayden Rose is set to be the newest radio producer broadcasting across the region with his self-made station, Peak FM.

College student to start radio station


A 14-year-old Nayland College student is set to become the newest radio producer on air, broadcasting a new 24 hour radio station from his bedroom.

After months of preparation, teaching himself how to create a website and set up a radio station, Hayden Rose is about to go on air with his own station, Peak FM.

Hayden says his decision to start up a station was spurred from his days at Broadgreen Intermediate last year, where he helped run Radio Broadgreen.

“That was one of the highlights of my day, it really piqued my interest, I liked announcing but also running all the behind the scenes.”

After transitioning to Nayland College at the start of the year, Hayden realised that if he wanted to stay on the air and pursue radio, he was going to have to go it alone.

“There weren’t any opportunities available so I decided to make my own station.

“I’m not looking at this station as a way to make money and it won’t be flooded with heaps of advertisers, it’ll be a fun station broadcasting new music and a few shows that people can respond to.

“Peak FM will play the new songs, the older newish songs and will be aimed at youth and young adults.

Despite the addition of a computer, play-out software, mixer, and microphone to his bedroom, Hayden says his parents and friends are all very supportive.

“They all think it’s pretty cool and some of my mates are even keen to help out and come on the show.”

Outside of school, sport, and friends, the college student has spent hours creating and branding Peak FM and is just one step away from his first broadcast.

“Now I just have to find some sponsors or businesses that want to advertise on the station so that I can cover the costs of broadcasting across a regional FM frequency, which is about $150 a week.”

Hayden says the station will be a fun platform through which businesses can target that slightly younger demographic.

The station will be available online at peakfm.co.nz and will be on the air as soon as Hayden finds sponsors/advertisers to support a frequency.

If you are interested in supporting Hayden, contact him at hayden [email protected]