Car lifted from sea bed


The parents of Leo Lipp-Neighbours watched as a car was placed on the wharf near Wakefield Quay at around 7pm tonight.

The car was lifted by crane and then placed on the wharf where around 30 spectators had gathered behind a security fence.

It is thought the car could be that of missing Nelson teenager Leo Lipp-Neighbours, who disappeared in early 2010.

Earlier police pumped mud and sea life from the car found on the sea bed off Wakefield Quay.

Police say they have been sieving through the mud looking for items of interest but could not confirm if they have found any.

The car was found yesterday during diving operations to inspect and recover an anchor.

Two crew members discovered the vehicle near the anchor chain.

Once on the surface divers informed the port authority who in turn contacted a commercial diver to investigate the reports.

Police divers have been working in the area for most of today, along with surf lifesavers, Fire Service staff and Port Nelson staff.