Brightwater residents have to boil water


Brightwater residents are boiling their water following an immediate boil water notice issued the Tasman District Council for all properties on the reticulated Council water scheme in Brightwater.

Residents are advised to boil all water for one minute if it is being used as drinking water, for food preparation, utensil washing, washing your teeth, pets, and ice.

“The heavy rainfall has caused the source water quality to deteriorate and we are concerned that the chlorination system is no longer effective,” says a council spokesperson. “As a precautionary measure, we are issuing a boil water notice to the residents of Brightwater.”

The affected area is the main Brightwater Township, including the following extensions:

  • Teapot Valley
  • Jeffries Road
  • Factory Road
  • River Terrace Road
  • Mount Heslington Road (11-87)
  • Roughton Lane
  • Simmonds Road
  • Telenius Road

While those along Main Road Hope are normally serviced by the Brightwater supply, council have closed a valve and are flushing water from the system to bring Richmond water through to the intersection of Main Road Hope and Clover Road (Burkes bank).

If you live on Main Road Hope, after about 10am, flush you taps for a few minutes to bring the fresh water in and you will not have to boil your water.