Water rationing for Waimea Plains


For the first time this year water rationing will be introduced in the Waimea Plains, starting on Monday, March 6.

Tasman District Council’s Dry Weather Taskforce Convenor, Dennis Bush-King, says that rationing for water users on the Waimea Plains is now necessary.

“We have been fortunate this year to get through most of summer without having to introduce water restrictions. Rainfall has been good and in parts of the district we are nearly 30 percent ahead compared to average figures.”

“However, the Waimea River has dropped down to trigger levels so we are moving to Stage 1 rationing for urban users and most other water users on the Waimea Plains.” says Dennis.

The Stage 1 rationing, means a cut in use by 20 per cent of consented water take levels. This applies in the Upper Catchment, Reservoir, Waimea West, Delta, Golden Hills, and the Upper Confined Aquifer zones on the Waimea Plains.

A conserve water notice was also introduced in the urban areas of Richmond, Mapua – Ruby Bay, Brightwater and Hope.

Dennis says that failing to submit water meter returns meant Council would do the meter reading and there would be an extra charge to permit holders.

“Council appreciates the co-operation of all water users.  If water permit holders are not irrigating, Council needs to be advised, otherwise weekly meter returns are required.”