The Nelson Giants Wannabees made a timely return to the Trafalgar Centre on Saturday night. Photo: Barry Whitnall Shuttersport.

Wannabees back in force


It was clear there was more noise at the Trafalgar Centre on Saturday night as the famous Nelson Giants Wannabees support crew made a noisy return.

Nelson Weekly ran a story on the front page of last week’s paper after the first home game of 2017 went Wannabee-less.

The Mike Pero Nelson Giants had a good response for people to join the group and a 13-strong crew screamed, chanted and clapped their way through the match against the Canterbury Rams.

Cole Meleisea was one long-time Giants fan who answered the call.

Having been coached by team captain Sam Dempster growing up, he says it was a good way to give back to the franchise.

“It was my first time but I’ve been to a lot of Giants games so you know what [The Wannabees] are all about.”

“It’s just really good to get the crowd going and get a bit more noise in the stadium.”

Giants captain Sam Dempster says it was a big boost to have the Wannabees back.

“It’s great to see them and listening to some of the classic chants as well as some of the new ones.

“I got a chuckle out on court when I heard a couple of things they were saying.”