Unusual graffiti painted across street


The recent discovery of unusual graffiti painted on the tarseal across the entrance to Murphy St has captured the attention of many passersby.

The graffiti dominates the entrance to the Emano Street end of the road, reading ‘All red lulu man is a tran’.
murphy grafitti2Nelson Live talked to several residents and the Nelson City Council but they are all unaware of the graffiti’s meaning and who it was directed to.

“We are not aware of the intent or significance of the words,” says Nelson City Council communications manager Paul Shattock.

Nelson City Council has logged 100 reports of graffiti since July 2016, with both the council and police encouraging anyone who witnesses someone spraying graffiti on public grounds to reporting these offences, so that they can be resolved.

“Graffiti is something we need to tackle as a community and we urge people to report any issues to council and to the police,” says Paul.murphyst

“Attending to graffiti and vandalism by council does take up a lot of resources and ultimately costs the ratepayer.”

The graffiti has since been painted over but remains readable.